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23 Apr 2010, 14:38
Wolfgang Kittenberger (7 posts)

the link to is broken (error 404)

Is there any other place, where I can pick up the gem for Snow Leopard?

Thanks, Kittekat

28 Apr 2010, 13:00
Wolfgang Kittenberger (7 posts)

As I did not find the fxruby gem suitable for 10.6, I tried to do a Macports installation. This led to numerous errors, where I finally wrecked on the missing /usr/bin/ file. I managed to install FXRuby on a Snow Leopard system with MacPorts after following the migration hints from (= do a complete new installation!!!) BTW, the “sudo port install rb-fxruby” also installed ruby (ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249) [i686-darwin10]), which caused the loss of the preinstalled RubyCocoa!

05 May 2010, 16:08
Lyle Johnson (47 posts)

Sorry for the severely delayed response, but for some reason my RSS feed reader stopped showing me updates for this forum. In the future, please consider posting questions to the FXRuby users mailing list (see info in the book).

But to answer your question: To install the FXRuby gem for Snow Leopard, just type

sudo gem install fxruby

This will select the binary gem for FXRuby that’s compatible with the Ruby that ships with Snow Leopard.

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