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01 Nov 2012, 19:28
Glauber Ribeiro (3 posts)

I know you may never use socket directly, but the one time you need it, you will find out that it’s not in the book. Couldn’t it be in an appendix?

The same thing applies, to a lesser degree (for me) to the “extending” chapter.

If these chapters are available and even readily downloadable, why not leave them in the book? I can concatenate the PDFs, but i use the Mobi version a lot, and that one is a little more difficult to hack.



27 Nov 2012, 17:47
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

They aren’t there because including them would make the book well over 1000 pages. For the paper version, that becomes unmanageable.

I understand it isn’t an issue for the ebooks, but if we supply different content for the two formats, we’ll get no end of support calls… :)

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