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13 Feb 2013, 14:52
John Quesenberry (4 posts)

My apologies in advance if this has already been announced, but how do you plan to address the upcoming changes for ruby 2.0? Will you just incorporate them into this book (great for those of us who bought the ebook) or do you plan to release a 4th edition?

24 Feb 2013, 23:03
Jon Roberts (5 posts)

Yes, me too, will I need to buy this book for the fourth time ?

(My copy of Kernighan and Ritchie “The C Programming language” is 27 years old and still useful :-) )

25 Feb 2013, 00:46
Kevin McCaughey (7 posts)

I feel it is a bit rich to be asking us to cough up again for what is essentially the same book. Is there no discount plan? I got the mailshot but it says $60?!

25 Feb 2013, 14:12
John Quesenberry (4 posts)

Just to close the loop here, they did release a 4th edition (in beta now). However, I was given a coupon for a free e-book copy based on my purchase of the 3rd edition. The coupon expires in 30 days, so make sure to redeem it soon if you get one.

25 Feb 2013, 23:59
Kevin McCaughey (7 posts)

Thanks John - useful to know. I am hoping they will comment on this issue too.

25 May 2013, 16:15
Frank Somers (1 post)

I didn’t see any mention of a 30-day coupon expiry in the mailshot I got. Oh well.

26 Jun 2013, 18:26
James McCarthy (2 posts)

@Dave Thomas; How do I get the 4th edition? I purchased the 3rd but the 4th is showing as full price? I’d quite like to get my hands on the 4th ebook asap.

Thanks, James

01 Jul 2013, 12:46
Zsolt Sz. Sztupák (1 post)

How was this coupon sent out? I haven’t got one either

03 Jul 2013, 00:30
Matthew Smith (1 post)

Hmm, it seems the same thing happened to me. I bought the 3rd edition of this ebook from pragprog, and there’s not a coupon for 4th on my account. It’s the same account I bought the 3rd edition with.

10 Jul 2013, 15:11
Jeff Smith (2 posts)

I am assuming we just need to be patient

26 Jul 2013, 17:40
Nils Vogel (1 post)

I have bought the 3rd edition from the Pragmatic Programmers and I have not seen a coupon for the 4th edition either. Where shall we look for?

02 Aug 2013, 02:53
Ellie @ Support (19 posts)

Support Note: The coupon expired months ago - it was a 30 day coupon released back in March.

09 Aug 2013, 09:53
Alfonso Maestre (1 post)

Hi there,

I did not receive any mail with discount information in March, having bought time ago the 3rd edition.

Is there any option to enjoy the offer again?

Lot of thanks.

Shawn yeager - tumblr_pragsmall
08 Sep 2013, 19:53
Shawn Yeager (1 post)

I also did not receive notice of this coupon. Kindly explain to whom and how the coupon was distributed.

13 Nov 2013, 02:11
Sean Lindsay (7 posts)

I went to search my emails and the only reference I found about the free upgrade coupon is in one of the weekly newsletters sent by Andy Hunt. I obviously missed it the first time. It does seem unfair that it was a timed offer. I have bought a lot of books from Pragmatic Programmers and would appreciate the opportunity to at least buy the book at a discount. I don’t even need it to be free as I want to support the company, but it seems that since the 3rd edition is superseded, I should at least be given the opportunity to by the fourth edition at a discount.

06 Jan 2014, 05:46
Alyssa Manhave (2 posts)

I never signed up for the regular newsletters, just updates for books I had… so I never got the one with the coupon in the first place :/

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