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24 May 2009, 20:02
Stéphane (1 post)

I have a custom nsview which draw his background with drawrect (and a gradient) and CALayers to draw other part of the UI

I put it in an NSWindow with want core animation layer set to yes for the contentview and each custom view.

I am trying to draw the gradient background with a blue color when the window is the key window and with a black color if not.

Is there any reason for the nswindow to return NO to [[self window] isKeyWindow] in the custom view because of core animation or the layers ?? (the NSWindow return NO event if there is only one window opened)

25 May 2009, 09:17
Bill Dudney (916 posts)

I’d have to know more to be able to tell for sure. But did you seen makeKeyAndOrderFront to the window?

I can think of no reason for CoreAnimation to have any effect on the window’s key status.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

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