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12 May 2010, 07:13
Bernd Rabe (23 posts)

Hi Bill, I learned a lot from your book(s) since I joined pragprog.

To make the user aware of an update I wanted to dim the main view (opacity == 0) during an update of several subviews.

[self performSelector:@selector(updateQuestionAndAnswers:) withObject:self.cQDetailsItem afterDelay:kUpdateAfterTime];
[self.view.layer addAnimation:[ExamVC fadeInAndOut] forKey:@"animateOpacicty"];

I played with the kUpdateAfterTime (animationDuration * 0.1 < kUpdateAfterTime < 0,7 * animationDuration) but I’m not able to hide the update of the subviews. The animationDuration is 1 sec and the subviews subject to update are a UITextView and a UIScrollView.

Have you some advice?


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