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01 Mar 2009, 03:09
Bakki Kudva (2 posts)


I was wondering how close are you to releasing the BAF. Meanwhile I am getting an error with the obe.main.startup= function(args) { //mixin defaults to args… args= baf.util.setDefaults(args, defaults); where Firebug says… args is undefined (?)()dojo.js (line 38) startup()()main.js (line 47) (?)()()localhost:4000 (line 26) toString()()dojo.js (line 16) toString()()dojo.js (line 16) toString()()dojo.js (line 16) toString()()dojo.js (line 16) [Break on this error] (38 out of range 17)

Thanks for your help.


03 Mar 2009, 17:05
Michael Rzasa (1 post)

I two would like a little insight on this example. I spent a lot of time yesterday reviewing chapter 18 and had issue setting anything up. I must admit i lack experience, however i am trying to learn from this example. I am stuggling with an error related to setting up the virtual directory for obe (could not load “obe.main”). Any guidance what so every would be appreciated.


30 Mar 2009, 03:45
Jon Brule (2 posts)

Just signed up and noticed this issue, which I just so happened to play with today…

I discovered that when integrating with dojo-1.2.3, I needed to make a couple change as I did not want to keep obe within the dojo hierarchy. Here they are:

<style type="text/css"> -->   @import "/dojoroot/dojo-1.2.3/dojo/resources/dojo.css"; -->   @import "/dojoroot/dojo-1.2.3/dijit/themes/tundra/tundra.css";
  @import "/obe/obe.css";


<script type="text/javascript" > -->   dojo.registerModulePath("baf", "../../../baf"); -->   dojo.registerModulePath("obe", "../../../obe");

Basically, I declared the dojoroot and had to register the module paths for both baf and ode. This later is what may be troubling you Michael.

HTH, Jon

30 Mar 2009, 03:46
Jon Brule (2 posts)

Oops… guess I shouldn’t post angle-brackets… Anyway I think the above display pretty much sums up what I had to do..

01 Apr 2009, 09:08
Zinc (1 post)

Hi all, i am new to dojo , and using the 1.3.0 release. the code from chapter 18 (OBE and BAF) do not work for me, so any help is highly appreciated. firebug gives: dojo is not defined main.htm()()main.htm (line 18) dojo.require(“obe.main”);


08 Mar 2011, 22:50
Rawld Gill (16 posts)

Hi All,

The demos were built for Dojo, v1.1. Although most of Dojo (now about to release v1.6) is back compat with 1.0, there are a few catches. It is simply not economical to keep the demos up to the latest version of Dojo. However, there is an alternative…

See for a description of backdraft available at backdraft is an open-source framework that evolved from the browser application framework described in Chapters 18-19.

important: all of the principles and techniques described in the book are still 100% applicable to this new work…or, for that matter, any framework built on top of Dojo.

Thanks, Rawld

P.S. if you really want to run the BAF demos, you can get Dojo v1.1 from; try v1.1.2.