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31 May 2011, 05:55
ManiagoFaletto (1 post)

Before agreeing to outsource work to another company, ensure that base documents covering the terms of the relationship, intellectual property and confidentiality issues have been developed and signed - these are fairly generic documents which can be easily adapted to be functional in a number of different projects. These don’t necessarily have to be hundreds of pages long - just enough to be recognized as being legal and binding to protect your interests.

After you have the basic documentation in place, it’s time to spread the word that you are looking for contractors. This can be gone about in a variety of ways.

1.Through your current networks - let your peers know you are looking for contractors 2.Compiling a mailing list of developers and designers from online professional directories in your region and then contacting them requesting expressions of interest regarding collaboration. 3.Go global and use one of the many reputable online collaboration services. In most cases you’ll find that posting projects is free and the service may also assist you with developing the project specifications.

The last few years has seen a number of online collaboration services come to life, but be wary and study the companies carefully before outsourcing via these means. A good online collaboration service will also act as a watchdog over projects, ensuring that both contractor and sub-contractor are protected.

You may want to try web development company India for outsourcing - they are a very well respected. Literally hundreds of people work for projects each day.

Before you post/advertise a project, ensure that you know exactly what you want a sub-contractor to do - open ended arrangements tend not to work out. There must be timelines and effective parameters of operation in place - both parties must be very clear on each others’ role.

Communications between contractor/sub-contractor must be clear, concise and rapid at all times - assuming that a task will be carried out in a particular way can lead to disaster; especially when working with contractors from another country.

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