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25 Jul 2008, 12:14
Martin O Connor (2 posts)

Are you going to cover git stash? This allows you to stash away local changes on a temporary basis leaving the working tree clean so you can switch branches and work on that urgent bug fix etc.

26 Jul 2008, 17:16
Travis Swicegood (56 posts)

Hey Martin;

I sure am. Still working on where to stash it (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) though. It seems to fit with @git branch@ because that’s when you use it the most, but it feels kind of awkward in that chapter. Any suggestions for where you would put it?


28 Jul 2008, 15:47
Martin O Connor (2 posts)

Hmm, Perhaps if there was a Git Workflows chapter either before Chapter 9 or Chapter 10, it could be covered here.

Workflows might include some nice workflow diagrams and would include such roles as ‘lone developer’ , ‘teammate developer’, ‘team lead developer’, ‘release engineer’ etc.

31 Jul 2008, 00:32
R Chauhan (1 post)

Me too!! I really want to see different ideas for workflows, repository layouts, branching patterns, etc. The “tribal” knowledge that never gets covered well in docs. Even better, interview maintainers of a few larger projects to get tips from the trenches. Go Travis, we all need this knowledge!

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