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06 Aug 2008, 17:12
David Kowis (6 posts)

I don’t know if this’ll make it to the author or not, but it’s worth noting here anyway:

This is an excellent way to manage git repositories with ssh keys. The setup is simple and secure, and it allows for management of the git-daemon, gitweb, and read/write access via git+ssh:// .

It’s by far the easiest way to configure your own pile of repositories. I’d think it’d be worth mentioning in the book.

Thanks, David

07 Aug 2008, 11:19
Travis Swicegood (56 posts)

Morning David,

Thanks for the link. I’ve already written a section in an appendix on setting up and using Gitosis. Like you, I think it’s a great tool. I use it to manage my own private repository.

The appendix with that section should be out soon.

Thanks again, -Travis

15 Feb 2009, 15:03
Markus Werner (5 posts)


on the url which David had posted, is a hint about the post-update command (no always set to executable). I had the same issue on ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server. You should mentioned this hint in your book. And maybe you could use “groupadd && useradd” instead off “adduser” since not all linux distribution know about “adduser”. On debian and ubuntu it’s not a problem at all.


01 Mar 2009, 05:50
Andy Lester (12 posts)

Travis, I’ve been keeping my home directories (dotfiles, ~/bin, etc) synced via Subversion for years now, and I’m looking to switch to git. These files contain some sensitive information, so are not appropriate for github.

So, I need to set up a git repo on my main server that only I’m going to be using. Is it worth setting up gitosis for this? Or should I not bother?

12 Mar 2009, 10:54
Markus Werner (5 posts)

Hi Andy,

It depends:-) It’s working with a simple ssh shellaccount quite well. But on the other site. gitosis is installed really easysly and you get alot of benefits. So I would (I do) use gitosis.


PS There is a little hussle with the gitosis.conf in the book. So you may lookup “errata” (Page 153)

06 Jul 2009, 20:23
Wim Paulussen (1 post)

Struggling here to get gitosis up and running.

Currently, I am at the stage that gitosis cannot parse my ssh key correctly. I get the following error : ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack (in ssh_extract_user, line 35 ,

I tried this on a dedicated server running CentOs 5.2 and a VPS with Centos 5.2. I generated keys on both machines and in addition with Putty under Windows, always with the same result.

I used to work with SVN in the past and now have Fossil as SCM on different machines but want to switch to git, hence the need to have a server set up.

All help highly appreciated.

21 Sep 2010, 11:46
Alexander von Below (1 post)


does anyone here have a hint how “adduser” translates to OS X?



21 Sep 2010, 12:42
Travis Swicegood (56 posts)

Hi Alex;

The simplest way is to use the System Preferences > Accounts > New User dialog to add the user. That creates the user, group, and all of the directories for you. If you prefer the command line, here’s “some info I found on adding a user”: via the CLI. I’ve not used it, so your mileage may vary.


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