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03 Oct 2008, 11:51
Christoph Ossner (9 posts)


i am using aptana on windows xp, with ruby 1.8.6, form, and (xampp) mysql 5. I run “gem install mysql”, to install the latest mysql driver (2.7.3).

When it comes to testing, page 196 (B1.6), i get an error box: “LIBMSQL.DLL” is missing!

Seems to be a problem with the driver. Anyone else faced with this? What can i do?

03 Oct 2008, 13:24
James West (104 posts)

I’m using aptana as well but I’m using SQL Lite and have had no problems The aptana fprum has something about updated drivers in the rad rails forum if I remember rightly. Might be worth a look

04 Oct 2008, 12:07
Christoph Ossner (9 posts)

I could get rid of the problem. A german forum told me to simply copy the LIBMYSQL.DLL out of the mysql installation into win/system32. It works!

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