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08 Nov 2008, 19:16
Gordon Burkell (5 posts)


I ordered the pdf and I can’t seem to download it. I click the button and I watch as my downlod manager give’s me the a starting announcement but it never expands from there. Any suggestions?

08 Nov 2008, 23:37
James West (104 posts)

When I bought the book I had a few issues with downloading. I had a firewall blocking downloads The server seemed to be struggling at one point the pdf had not been generated properly.

You should have an option to re-generate the pdf file then try to download again What tends to happen is the file opens up rather than downloads into a pdf reader. Do you have one installed?

The pdf reader has a save button that allows you to save the file to your HD.


09 Nov 2008, 02:25
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

We do have an option to regenerate the PDF—just log into your account and regenerate it from the sidebar :)

We find that most download issues are due to firewall policies. Normally people find that moving from behind a firewall fixes any problems.



09 Nov 2008, 02:26
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

But if you continue to have problems, contact for help.

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