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26 Nov 2008, 07:51
Bob McCormick (6 posts)

Well, I’ve been away from Rails for quite some time and decided to finally get back to it over the holiday weekend and temporarily ‘lost my mind’ and updated to the latest greatest Rails 2.2 not thinking about my tome here that I intended to following along like a lost puppy.

Is my haste going to make life difficult here for me to follow along in this current beta state?

Thanks and looking forward to getting into this.

Best regards…Bob

04 Dec 2008, 07:14
Bob Martens (3 posts)

In my experience, moving from 2.1.2 to 2.2.2 with an app I am working on, most things should “just work.” The 2.2.x series is “backwards compatible” with 2.1.x for the most part, so it should be good.

16 Dec 2008, 02:29
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Biggest problems were in I18n, and changes to the installation (an upgrade to Rubygems being required).

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