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03 Dec 2008, 15:18
Joshua Lippiner (5 posts)

I am a .NET developer trying to switch over from the dark side to rails but I can’t seem to find anything in either the books or online regarding A/B testing or multivariate testing user experiences in rails.

For example, in .NET there is something called a “multiview” which lets me create N number of different UIs for a page and only display one of them. I select which to display based on either a random number or an algo I wrote that weights the random pick by performance. I then record which “view” is displayed and track that view through to the end result. Finally, I run reports on how it did.

How can I do proper A/B testing of either different page designs or different elements on the page in RoR? The book talks about the separation of the UI layer (view) from the logic (controller), which is great, but doesn’t talk about how to do things like the described.



08 Dec 2008, 15:32
John Quesenberry (4 posts)

If I’m understanding your use case, this could easily be handled by creating multiple “versions” of the same view and handling the display algorithm in the controller. You could also just create a single view with multiple partials that contain only the elements that change.

If you’re tracking data on the specific UI that displays, then you’ll want to create a separate model to track the required data, but the mechanics of what you’re describing should be easy to implement in Rails.

08 Dec 2008, 17:43
Joshua Abbott (2 posts)

You would handle this logic in your controller, but I think it would make more sense to use something like Google’s website optimizer for A/B testing.

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