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19 Dec 2008, 01:05
James West (104 posts)

Now here’s an interesting thought. The book is near finished. So what’s next?

Ruby and Rails are VERY fast moving environments. The BETA could go on forever and you’d never catch up until the whole thing is dead. I have really enjoyed the BETA program and once the book has been finalised it is going to be out of date again. Where does that leave me and all the hordes of newbies and old hands alike that need and want the upto date info? It woud be kinda nice if the whole thing could carry on. This obviously is not practical so how about a subscription service?

Maybe something along the lines of a trade eMagazine or something like? Just throwing ideas around but there is a VERY definite need for something to continue on with whats going on in the world of Rails and Ruby. I’m lost as to where to turn to for version 2.3, 2.4 etc… and buying new versions of the same book doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea.

Maybe something already exists but I can’t find it and the forums are great but no real solution to knowing what’s going on.

So how about it guys. I’d subscribe. But I’ll take a freee 6 months subscription for coming up with the idea :-)

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