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24 Dec 2008, 04:56
SC (15 posts)

I have a feeling that the book will need to come out with an addendum sooner or later ;)

In case you don’t know…

24 Dec 2008, 07:16
David John Porter (12 posts)

So now we will have to wait another 6 or 9 months for chapters on Merb Then a re-write for Rails/Merb 3 :))

Only Kidding !

Best Wishes to everyone for the Holidays… p.s. I thought the next beta was coming out last week ? As paying subscribers it would not hurt to keep us updated !

24 Dec 2008, 20:43
Hugo Martinez (7 posts)

The Release of Rails 2.0 was Dec 7 2007 and the books 3rd ed. (covering Rails 2.*) is not released yet (a year after).

In his blog Matt Aimonetti from Merb Core says about Rails 3 : “.. We are shooting for a release at RailsConf 2009 …”.

So i think we’ll see a final Rails 3 Book on May 2010. I hope we get a huge discount on the Beta of the 4th Edition of AWDWR which i would like to see once released Rails 3.


27 Dec 2008, 13:58
Hugo Martinez (7 posts)

In the Sam Ruby’s blog he gives some clues about a possible ‘subscription model’ for the book given the new Merb+Rails facts.


27 Dec 2008, 18:29
SC (15 posts)


Thanks for the link! A subscription idea would be fantastic as Rails/Merb is always changing, improving.

It would also add a lot of value for both the publisher (recurring revenues) and readers (up to date information).

+1 here