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26 Dec 2008, 19:40
David Rossi (9 posts)

Page 41 “Creating Your Own Rails API Documentation” walks through creating the Dummy_App for the purpose of creating base Rails documentation, right? The resulting documentation includes a README that tells me to “To build the guides” by downloading a couple of things and running them.

The book does not discuss this.

Two questions:

  1. Must I do this step?

  2. How do I read and search the documentation in either case?

Thanks for your assistance. I am psyched about Rails!

26 Dec 2008, 19:42
David Rossi (9 posts)

Sorry, a third question. The book also does not explain how to “Delete the Dummy_App”. Do I simply delete the Dummy_App folder and all sub folders and content or have some aspects been in some way registered and must be unregistered, if so, how?

Thanks again.

26 Dec 2008, 20:05
SC (15 posts)

Hello David,

You do not need to generate your own Rails API documentations. It’s more convenient if you’re working offline and need access to it, but if you’re like me and have an internet connection 24/7, then just go to and it’ll be the same thing.

To delete an app, just delete the folder.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, SC

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