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27 Dec 2008, 06:31
Mark Cogan (1 post)

In working through the examples in Chapter 14, I found the sections on testing response-based content and response-oriented assertions (pp238-244) both incongruous and and of questionable utility. First, there is a lengthy adumbration of CSS selector syntax, including some fairly obscure corner cases. Second, unlike every other stage in the “Building an Application” series of chapters, the discussion doesn’t build to a concrete step to take in building the application.

I would suggest removing almost all of the CSS selector reference (but refer to the best one you can find in a footnote), and instead work through the examples you give on p238 as additions to admin_controller_test.rb

– Mark.

27 Dec 2008, 14:14
Hugo Martinez (7 posts)

Hello Mark,

You can send a suggestion using the Erratum report link in your pdf or going directly to :

There is a Category named Suggestion.

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