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30 Dec 2008, 01:11
Steve Rawlinson (5 posts)

I was a bit surprised to find that the chapter on deploying apps has been more or less replaced with instructions on installing Passenger.

While I agree that Passenger is the way forward the chapter stops once you’ve got Passenger serving your app from the home directory it was developed in. No capistrano. No per-release uploads. Just setup Passenger to serve up your development code.

I realise that ‘Deploying Rails Apps’ is essentially redundant six months after going to press because it does not mention Passenger at all but cutting Capistrano out of the pickaxe book completely seems a bit cynical.


30 Dec 2008, 02:45
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Capistrano (applied against git and passenger) will be back in later this week.

It will be a result of an accident of history, but essentially “Deploying Rails Apps” and this one will have little overlap. This one will get you started (and /perhaps/ be all that one needs to know), and DRA will cover advanced scenarios that still are relevant.

P.S. I think that “pickaxe” refers to another book. :-)

30 Dec 2008, 11:04
Steve Rawlinson (5 posts)

Glad to hear Capistrano is going back in.

You’re right about pickaxe of course. I should properly refer to this one as the hammock book ;)


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