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04 Jan 2009, 17:22
BEK c/o Trond Lossius (2 posts)

Following chapter 28 on deployment works fine up until pdf page 666. I have substituted the auto-generated content of config/deploy.rb for the content suggested at page 665 etc., substituting stuff along the way to be what I believe to be correct.

When I run

$ cap deploy.setup

command I get the following error message:

the task `deploy.setup’ does not exist

In general this section of the book feels a bit slim. Capistrano is mentioned and used, but AFAIKS there are no explanation whatsoever of exactly what it is doing. As such, if things work straight of the book, fine, else you are pretty much left on your own.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Googling don’t make a lot of info showing up, and some of it seems to be old enough that I’m not sure if it is still valid.

05 Jan 2009, 01:10
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

That should be deploy:setup, not deploy.setup. Similarly, the next example should be deploy:check.

We’ll fix that i the next beta.



07 Jan 2009, 16:38
BEK c/o Trond Lossius (2 posts)

Excellent, thanks!

Now I am getting new and more productive error messages that gives me more to google around for.

best, Trond

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