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09 Jan 2009, 05:26
Aleksey Chabunin (1 post)

I tried to run the AJAX example described in chapter 24 (b9, p.569) - using AJAX search for a list of programmers. In the beginning the example suggests using a scaffold, but then it mentions a few non-scaffold files - list.html.erb and search_demo.html.erb.

Is it a complete example or still a work in progress? I cannot make any sense of it - even an input box for a search string is not there!


19 Jan 2009, 09:34
Martin Hawkins (5 posts)

Aleksey, I agree with your question. This chapter is very interesting but is written in a different style, by different people and in its current form I don’t think it does the book any favours. Earlier parts of the book step you through new topics in a clear manner but this section assumes a far greater level of understanding. I’ve finally got what I want out of it but it was a struggle.

This section should be included but re-written (imho)!

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