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09 Jan 2009, 19:48
David Wilbur (50 posts)


i wanted to mention something about how database loading is done in chapter 6. in the real world, i would have to say that the method suggested is really a bad decision. yes, it is simple. yes, it works. but, i have to say that it really isn’t reusable. in late 2007, Bala Paranj suggested a better way based on using rake tasks to load the data via yml files. he discusses it about … 13:30 mins into this vid at this url:

i really feel this is a far better way to introduce people to loading data, and also is usable throughout the project development.


16 Feb 2009, 16:55
David Wilbur (50 posts)

i was thinking that if you didn’t want to rewrite this section… i am sure you have more then enough time to do that though ;-)…

maybe the better approach would be to do a footnote or sidebar talking about other approaches to loading data and giving links.

i came across another link about loading data on ryan bates site:

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