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20 Feb 2009, 22:02
David Wilbur (50 posts)

where it says:

If you’re following along, delete your session information (because in it we’re already logged in). depot> rake db:sessions:clear Navigate to http://localhost:3000/products/. The filter method intercepts us on the way to the product listing and shows us the login screen instead.

i actually needed to start and stop the server for it to know that the admin/login was there… might want to note that one might have to do that…. unless i missed in the prior text that you said that ;-)

also, on page 177:

And nothing could be easier. We start by removing the generated layouts.4 rm app/views/layouts/products.html.erb rm app/views/layouts/users.html.erb rm app/views/layouts/orders.html.erb

not sure if you want comments like this, but, it seems like that is a break with other commands typed at the command line from a formatting perspective.

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