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26 Feb 2009, 18:08
David Wilbur (50 posts)

one of the things that i have seen be confusing to the reader is that in some of the chapters it is hard to determine where you are in the source code examples from

being that they have no tie to the chapter, eg: depot_r not depot_17… it becomes difficult to know what your starting point is when you read something like the following (from page 297):

*Here’s what the db/migrate directory of our Depot application looks like.*

depot> ls db/migrate 20080601000001_create_products.rb 20080601000002_add_price_to_product.rb 20080601000003_add_test_data.rb 20080601000004_create_sessions.rb 20080601000005_create_orders.rb 20080601000006_create_line_items.rb

Although you could create these migration files by hand, it’s easier (and less error prone) to use a generator. As we saw when we created the Depot appli- cation, there are actually two generators that create migration files.

there is nothing there that tells you which depot application in the source code examples your referring to… if you continue reading, on page 311 you finally have a reference to a file in depot_r

however that is many pages later.

another place that this happens is the footnote on page 213:

1. We’ll be testing the stock, vanilla version of Depot. If you’ve made modifications (perhaps by trying some of the playtime exercises at the ends of the chapters), you might have to make adjust- ments.

that leave the reader wondering: what copy is the “stock, vanilla version of Depot” at this point?

thus, it would seem useful to sync the reader that is using the source code examples with whatever directory in the examples is the appropriate starting point for the chapter.

also, another thing that i have seen be confusing is the fact that the code links are to “finished” versions of the file some times. thus the example code is at a state where all the changes for the chapter have been added into it, not the current incarnation as of the referenced change in the book. i realize that would be a lot more work. so… shrug

25 Apr 2009, 01:00
drub (6 posts)

Yes, I have also found your observations to be true. It is sometimes tough to determine which depot_X file to reference. Especially true, when trying to debug my version.

All the best!

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