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20 Mar 2009, 18:33
Rob Cameron (2 posts)

So the book was released today, but if we want to learn about what’s new in 2.3 you guys recommend we pay $1800 for a Studio class? How about a PDF addendum with new/changed features? Something like PeepCode did for Rails 2:

I’d pay $9 for that, no problem.

20 Mar 2009, 20:26
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

While, you are waiting (perhaps peepcode is working on exactly what you looking for, I don’t know)…

If you want to know how 2.3 affects what’s in the book, go “here”:

If you want to know what new features are in 2.3, go “here”:

21 Mar 2009, 22:13
David Wilbur (50 posts)

Sam, you meant this url for what effects the book correct?

the two urls above are the same

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