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13 Apr 2009, 00:15
Eugene Magdel (4 posts)

I am having trouble with viewing store/ page after I have set up the sessions to be stored in the data base I get the following error: ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken in StoreController#index

whenever I go localhost:3000/store If anyone passed that part, please let me know what I am doing wrong.

13 Apr 2009, 11:45
Sam Ruby (634 posts)

Easiest solution: hit the back button until you get back to the form, hit refresh on that page, and then proceed.

17 Apr 2009, 10:55
Eugene Magdel (4 posts)

Yea… I figured that out after I posted here! That was embarrassing, had to just reload the code!

03 Aug 2010, 22:33
Amy Lightholder (2 posts)

Well, I’m very glad y’all posted bc I just ran into this!

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