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21 Apr 2009, 07:54
Stuart John Ackland (9 posts)


I am a complete beginner and learning from AWDwr. I am running rails 2.3.2 with ruby 1.8.6.

  1. When i type into the controller @dir -p@ i get location details as opposed to a break down of files and sub directories.
  2. The book says that views should be named ‘hello.rhtml.erb’ however for some reasons my browsers (Firefox, Chrome) only seem to recognise .rhtml is this right?
  3. I am also having problems closing the WEBrick server with CtrlC, doesn’t seem to like it.
  4. Finally I am using Ultra Edit for my coding. making changes to code and then saving the file then refreshing in the browser doesn’t result in me being able to view the effects of the changes i have just made and instead the previous coding is refreshed and displayed. If ithen make a further change to the code and save, the previous change that wouldn’t display is displayed! But not the code just written. It’s always one step behind. What is going on?

Many thanks for your time

22 Apr 2009, 22:53
David Wilbur (50 posts)

“I am running rails 2.3.2 with ruby 1.8.6.”

since your a beginner, might want to consider using 2.2.2 as described on page 26 if you don’t want to uninstall then you can do what the book describes for every rails project you do for the book. ie: ~~~ rails 2.2.2 your_project_name_here ~~~

that way you will be in sync with what the book is talking about and encounter the correct results, and not come across things that are different when you do examples.

also, i think you should look at page 41 again, in paragraph 2 it says hello.html.erb, not rhtml as you state above. also your ultra edit issue might be related to what is said in the footnote on page 40.

i don’t have the issue with WEBrick that you have. control c works fine to exit. (i however am on mac and other unix platforms)

lastly you might want to look at this page once in a while if you continue to use 2.3.2 instead.

23 Apr 2009, 08:13
Stuart John Ackland (9 posts)

Thank you both David and Devon for your help on these issues.

The ‘dir’ issue was resolved once i understood that the -p was still a unix command!

‘hello.html.erb’ now works fine so i think that it must have been a typing error, sorry to have wasted your time with that.

CTRL C seems to be an intermitant issue, which i now presume has something to do with my keyboard rather than anything else.

With regards to the last issue. I tried writing the code in Notepad and changes are instantly displayed in the browser from there. So there is something going on with Ultra Edit that i will need to look at but my fears of it being an issue with WEBrick are wrong.

So again many thanks for your time and feedback, it allows me to move on a bit more confidently now.

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