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05 Jul 2009, 20:02
fearless_fool (1 post)

FWIW, I recently checked out AWDwR (Second Edition) from the library. I’m traumatized to learn that pages 25-56 are repeated in place of pages 57-88 – the upshot is that pages 57-88 are missing in my copy, and just when the plot was getting juicy!

[1] Is there an online excepts of these pages? I’m eager to continue the depot demo! [2] Has anyone else noticed this in their hard-copy? [3] Does the printer know about this failure of quality control?

Grumph. I’ll see if the local library system has another copy in circulation.

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06 Jul 2009, 03:01
Dave Thomas (366 posts)


We did have a couple of cases of books with that problem—it happens in the bindery when the stackers get out of step. The library should return the book to get a new copy.

I actually was at the printer a few weeks back, and talked about this problem we had. It turns out that there is actually a lot of QA in place, the the machine generally checks itself to make sure there are no misplaced signatures. But there and some book thicknesses where there’s also an element of manual signature feeding, and it seems like the Rails book fell into this category. They do do manual spot checking in these cases, but with many thousands of books coming out of the machine, they sometimes miss problems.

When problems do occur (and I’ll stress they’re incredibly rare) we will always replace the book in question.


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