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19 Jul 2009, 17:43
Zeeshan Ansari (8 posts)


my name is Zeeshan Ansari and I just started learning Agile Web Development and I am new to web designing and i don’t have much back ground of it.

my question is that i just started Chap. 4 of the said book in that i m not be able to write “Hello Rails”.

after making Controller “Say” on page#47 i m not be able to execute command “class SayController < ApplictionController” refer to page#47.

it says “cannot find the specified file”

what is this problem and how can i resolve this?

Say_controller.rb is there in its folder i m using ruby 2.3.2 n using instant rails

please help me


22 Jul 2009, 04:01
Dave Thomas (396 posts)

Does the file name really start with an upper-case S. If so, try renaming it “say_controller.rb”, all lower case.

25 Jul 2009, 16:01
Zeeshan Ansari (8 posts)

Thank You Dave actually that was my fault i was try to edit it without having a text editor.

actually i am new so it will take a little time to understand all these things.

Anyways thanks for your concern and positive reply.

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