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17 Nov 2009, 15:03
Edward Jenkins (4 posts)

Sorry, I mis-posted this on the first edition forum –

I’m new to Rails, and have been following along in the book. Everything works great. My question, though, is: on page 76, when we are creating the maintenance app, we run “ruby script/generate scaffold product” etc., but on page 95, when we are creating the catalog, we run “ruby script/generate controller store” etc. Why do we not say “ruby script/generate scaffold store” etc. instead?

03 Dec 2009, 23:58
David Wilbur (50 posts)

“ruby script/generate controller store” only does the controller/helper/testers, it is a subset of what the “ruby script/generate scaffold store” generates. if you do both for say “store” and compare you can easily seethe difference in the output of what is creates.

also on macos or any other unix flavor you really don’t need to say ruby, since #!/usr/bin/env ruby is the first line of the generate script.

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