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18 Nov 2009, 00:17
Chris (4 posts)


I’m starting to learn Rails and have so far been enjoying working through the Depot tutorial, however I’ve come across a problem with displaying my cart, as seen in the image on page 111 (lower).

While I’m 99.9% sure my code is identical to the book, my Cart only displays the circular balls of the list. In add_to_cart the line used is <%h item.title %> and I’m reasonably confident that I’ve not made any typos on my other files. I checked the wiki to see if this was a 2.3 problem, but nothing seems to be mentioned about it. Would someone be able to advise me?

If needed I could post the other bits of code that relate to this.

Thanks, Chris

18 Nov 2009, 01:10
Chris (4 posts)

My bad, idiotic lack of = in my (what should have been) <%= . It’s been a long day.

Thanks anyway. No doubt I’ll be back very soon :)

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