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18 Dec 2009, 22:08
radu gica (1 post)

hello everyone :) if u folks can spare some time i would mean a lot to me, and my work. So I’m a RoR noob, just started out with this book, and i have some experience in computer languages and programming in general. I got to page 154, the self.from_cart_item method.The line li.product = cart_item.product caused my jaw to drop big time, if u know what i mean :) .In the version that i have of this book, god knows which is it, the line_items table doesn’t have a product colum… What should i do??

The second part that i have a hard time understanding it is where the line_items products relationship can be found in pages 153 154 Any idea?

I would also like to say that I would like a well and fully explained answer.

All my thx for taking your time with this probl. radu

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