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12 Feb 2010, 07:34
Jean-Denis VAUGUET (4 posts)

Hi. It’s quite difficult to search within one sub-section of the forum, so I apologize in case this question has been raised already.

Would you consider mentionning the other testing frameworks in current chapter 14, “Task T: Testing”? Obviously, I think about RSpec (+ Cucumber) (RSpec book’s in beta but is quite good, although it’s been redesigned), but there are some more worth mentionning.

12 Feb 2010, 13:13
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

The third edition shipped in March of 2009.

In the fourth edition, testing won’t be a separate chapter, but will be folded into the basic scenario, this part is nearly done. The plans are to also have a chapter on other components that, while not either a part of the core of Rails or even a default, are very much a part of the greater Rails ecosystem. This chapter hasn’t been written yet, but I expect to have sections on RSpec (+Cucumber), DataMapper, and JQuery, among others.

13 Feb 2010, 06:49
Jean-Denis VAUGUET (4 posts)

That’s even better than expected! I for one thought testing should have been nested within the book as a core part of the dev. process, therefore it’s a great piece of news to hear that. That stands true for the chapter on the Rails “ecosystem” as well.

Maybe a few words on the NoSQL trend/buzz/revolution/whatever? :)

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