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02 May 2008, 21:50
Zain Alabdin Tawfiq (4 posts)

Hi! will this book help me even if I’m using netbeans as my ide? why doesn’t the book talk about netbeans and use it? thanks a lot for the great effort!

02 May 2008, 23:22
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

The choice of development environment is really orthogonal to the content of the book. There are many of them out there, and everyone has a preference. So the book is IDE/editor agnostic.

03 May 2008, 19:30
Zain Alabdin Tawfiq (4 posts)

from what I understood, I can use netbeans!, so yeeehaaa!

22 Jun 2008, 17:24
Mikhail V. Shokhirev (a.k.a. Mike Shock) (19 posts)

I love NetBeans 6 as a fine cross-platform IDE and I often use it. All the samples from this book can certainly be easily viewed and run under NetBeans.

24 Jun 2008, 00:23
jason white (2 posts)

Netbeans 6 is a great IDE.

02 Jul 2008, 20:31
Wayde Gilliam (18 posts)

I switched from Textmate to Netbeans … no problem following the examples from the book.

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