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06 May 2008, 16:15
rashantha de silva (2 posts)

Hello, I have heard much about this book. I have been thru a lot of rails books. Sometimes you look for something specific but can not find it.

I am wondering if this book has any discussion on DROP DOWNS. The use of them with Ajax and also on how to sustain the selection made when the user comes back to the form.

Can someone who has the title let me know of there is any discussion of this topic. Too bad it’s not part of Safari titles.


06 May 2008, 18:07
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

That’s a multipart question.

Chapter 22 talks about drop down selection lists, or more simply, selection lists. Remembering the choice selected is often automatically be handled by Rails, all you generally need to do is to locate the desired record. In many cases, this can be handled by the controller, for example if the URI is http://localhost:3000/products/3. In other cases you may need to employ a session. Sessions are described in chapter 21.

08 May 2008, 22:16
rashantha de silva (2 posts)

thanks sam for replying. i was able to figure it out with some help. i will be purchasing the beta.

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