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06 May 2008, 23:01
tommy kelly (3 posts)

You may have already noticed this, but there is no mention to edit the index.html.erb file to include the




<%= h product.price %></td> `

06 May 2008, 23:25
tommy kelly (3 posts)

since I am going through this book right now i figured I would let you guys know when I saw problems. I know this could get annoying in the forums.


  1. Do you guys want this feedback?
  2. Do you guys have trac or something to insert issues as they are found?
06 May 2008, 23:51
Sam Ruby (633 posts)
  1. Yes!
  2. You can also log errors in the errata pages—just click the link at foot of each page and you’ll be taken there.
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