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15 May 2008, 06:36
Devin Walters (9 posts)

Looking at this migration, we can see why it’s hard for Active Record to divine the relationships between tables automatically.

ActiveRecord is good, but can it “divine” things?

15 May 2008, 12:36
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

I’m a recent addition to the authors of this book, and that particular text predated my joining the effort; but I must say that part of the appeal of this book to me is its playful language. Reading the definition of “divine”: (in particular 2) and “divination”: (again, 2nd definition), I’m inclined to leave it as is.

If the text talked about ActiveRecord being able to divine something, I would agree as that come off as being a bit arrogant, but as it stands it implies that not even a god could consistently guess right.

15 May 2008, 13:26
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

Think of it in the sense of “divining rod”

16 Jun 2008, 12:26
Devin Walters (9 posts)

Ah-ha! I didn’t mean to nitpick, but I found myself reading it over and over to try and figure out if it was intentional. In part, my OCD is to blame. You might consider this common programming affectation of note. I certainly do. But, no matter– Thanks for a great book.

Cheers, D

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