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25 Apr 2010, 21:42
Lee McAlilly (3 posts)

I’ve been doing fine with using Rails 2.3.2 on the depot app until I got to Iteration F2:logging in chapter 11.2.

Even when I use the correct username and password I get an “invalid user/password combination” in the flash.

I’m sure that I have the correct user and password because I created the username “dave” password “secret” at the command line.

It seems that this could be an issue with this change in rails 2.3.2

5.3 HTTP Digest Authentication Support -

Not sure where to turn at this point. My code is identical to the code from the book and this page - - suggests that the only change I should look out for is that application.rb is now called application_controller.rb.

02 May 2010, 14:14
Jillika (2 posts)


I am having exact same problem. Did you find any solution for this. I think the password is not getting stored correctly.

21 May 2010, 14:36
neocoolstar (5 posts)

I didn’t have that issue at all. Have you checked if dave is in the system?

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