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19 May 2008, 16:31
Zain Alabdin Tawfiq (4 posts)

Hello everyone… does the book cover internationalization? because I’m planning to develop an application in Arabic and I want to do it with utf-8, is it possible? I want the urls to be in english but the content to be in Arabic… and one more thing… what about MySQL does the book use it as the database or use something else….? thanks a lot!

19 May 2008, 21:23
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

The book does cover Unicode support (specifically, utf-8). This is currently in section 15.8.

The 3rd edition of this book’s primary focus is on SQLite3, the default database for Rails starting with Rails 2.0.2. SQLite3’s default is utf-8. With MySQL, you can specify the “DEFAULT CHARACTER SET”: when you create a database.

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