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21 May 2008, 15:32
Mr Dale Cunningham (2 posts)

I just bought v3.0 beta and I’m just wondering how often its worth checking back for new iterations to download?

21 May 2008, 16:37
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

every three weeks +/- a week or so

you will receive an email when a new beta is ready

03 Jul 2008, 14:40
James West (104 posts)

Are we due a new version?

I am about to start a new run through the book but would rather wait until the next version of the book before doing so if it’s only a couple of days away

12 Jul 2008, 17:29
James West (104 posts)


It’s been a while since the last version.

If anyone has any idea how long it will be for the next version of the book I would love to know

17 Jul 2008, 14:26
James West (104 posts)

Sam! Are you there? It’s been nearly 2 months since the last release or have I missed something?

17 Jul 2008, 15:23
David John Porter (12 posts)

Hi James,

Last release was June 4th

I’m sure it will be ready when it is ready….

cheers, Dave Porter

17 Jul 2008, 15:31
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Just a note that I’m still here and listening. I apologize for the delay and am actively working on an update. More when I have concrete news to report.

17 Jul 2008, 17:27
James West (104 posts)

Thank you Sam

31 Jul 2008, 14:02
Felipe Andrés Cerda Barra (2 posts)

Any news about this? I’m thinking on buying this book but i wouldn’t like to wait such a long time for next releases.

31 Jul 2008, 17:57
Dave Thomas (366 posts)


Authors are human. Sometimes life intervenes. The next release will be out just as soon as we can get it ready.


03 Aug 2008, 00:39
Stephen B (1 post)

Jeez, what a bunch of whiners. The book is technically not even released yet. You are paying for the full version which will come. All this with the Beta version now is just a bonus.

09 Aug 2008, 11:18
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

The next beta will be early next week, and all of the remaining chapters, save one, will have been updated to work with Rails 2.1. The one chapter that will not have been updated is chapter 25 - Web Services. This chapter is likely to get cut and/or replaced.

10 Aug 2008, 03:14
David John Porter (12 posts)

Thanks Sam - Great news! Looking forward to it… Dave Porter

11 Aug 2008, 15:10
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

The updated beta is now available. Rumor has it that Rails 2.2 will be released in early September at RailsConf. I plan to have make a beta release of the book as close as humanly possible to the release of the product with whatever updates are necessary.

11 Aug 2008, 15:24
Chris Taylor (1 post)

Excellent. Thanks for your all your hard work.

11 Aug 2008, 17:01
Stephen Anderson (1 post)


In other posts Sam took grief for releasing too early and without support for Rails 2 in many chapters. Going to ground, and coming up with all chapters supporting Rails 2 is a logical response to those concerns. But not to yours.

This is a great illustration of how you can’t please everyone all the time.

For my part, I’m very excited that the tutorial should now cover Rails 2. That’s HUGE for the Rails class I’ll be teaching soon.


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