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26 Jun 2010, 01:10
Evan Brodersen (2 posts)

so in going through the depot application, I’m running into the problem with the login page. When creating a new user, I’m running into the error message in the title:

undefined method `blank’ for “aaec27330a0a29da3344ecd9834f5d73ad9d9675”:String

seemingly coming from password_non_blank indicated by

depot/user.rb:47:in `password_non_blank’

in the trace from the Exception handler. Any clue what’s causing this?

26 Jun 2010, 01:23
Evan Brodersen (2 posts)

Ok, I’m blind or stupid. Possibly both. Sorry to bug people. This is what happens when one types “foo.blank” instead of “foo.blank?”

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