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06 Aug 2010, 20:29
Amy Lightholder (2 posts)

When I implemented the highlight effect, I lost the cart! Meaning, when I hit “add to cart” the cart does not appear. Also the highlighting effect does not work.

Steps to reproduce both cases:

with cart showing, hit “Empty Cart” click any “add to cart” button. notice how cart remains hidden. hit “refresh” and page will refresh with cart appearing as it should hit any “add to cart” button notice how there is no highlighting effect.

What I’ve tried: - reviewing my code (everything looks fine) - carefully retracing my steps in the book (seems okay) - replacing each edited file with the (supposedly correct) file from downloaded source code in folder “depot_n” one at a time (I would temporarily rename my own file) reloading the page and reproducing the bug each time. This confirmed that either I had no mistakes in my own code or I had the same mistakes as the source code provided by the authors - restarting the server - rake db:sessions:clear

None of the above measures have produced results.

I figure the problem must lie somewhere in my setup but I’ve no idea what that might be. I’m running Firefox v3.6.7 on Vista. So far, everything else in depot has been working fine.

I am moving on to Chapter 10 but if anyone has an idea of what caused this bug I would love to hear it. Also I figure someone else will have this problem again someday.

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