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01 Jun 2008, 23:57
Wayne Conrad (5 posts)

b1.2: On pp. 91-92, there is a mismatch between the code, the narrative and an illustration. The narrative on p. 91 explains, “The h method is used to escape the HTML in the product title and description.” (true). “That’s why you can see the markup in the descriptions: it’s being escaped and displayed, rather than being interpreted.” (False, because markup is being removed by the code). The illustration on p. 92 shows markup, but the code downloaded from the site (and shown on p. 91) is removing markup, hence no markup is displayed when the code is actually run.

02 Jun 2008, 00:43
Wayne Conrad (5 posts)

I just saw in your message to Jonathan Lane that there is an erratum link in the PDF. I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t noticed it before. I’ll report future erratum using that link (and re-report these two, if you wish).

02 Jun 2008, 01:16
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

No need to re-report these issues. :-)


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