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12 Jun 2008, 17:26
gary leydon (1 post)

I’m sure this is something dumb I’m missing but in the Deployment chapter of Agile Web Develop with Rails it say’s to do this….

On your local computer

$ cap –apply-to /local/project/path [applicationname] exists config create config/deploy.rb exists lib/tasks create lib/tasks/capistrano.rake

which fails saying –apply-to is not a valid option. I’m running on Win Xp, Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 2.1.0 and Capistrano 2.3.0. Doing cap –help show’s no –apply-to. I also thought maybe this is an option not available on Windows but on OS X leopard cap –help shows the same options. Any ideas? I’ve also got the 3rd edition pdf which still includes that example.


12 Jun 2008, 21:07
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Unfortunately, you are ahead of me. Not all of the book has been updated. Take a look at page 2 and 15.

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