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02 Jul 2008, 02:04
Robert Matei (7 posts)

As a novice programmer, I have no idea what good programming practice is.

I’m trying to code a web app with a friend, and we’re not sure how we should set up our development environment. Is it preferable to

a) edit files on the local machine and test it there, submitting changes to our production server when they’re ready?

or b) to have test apps on the same server as our production app, and edit files through some FTP-capable editor?

How do you set up your development environment? As a followup question, do you prefer IDEs or editor + console? I’m using RadRails now but I’m not sure how I’d get it to work with option b above.

02 Jul 2008, 13:42
Hywel Mallett (1 post)

“Deploying Rails Applications” is a good book for this. In a nutshell, use a version control system (such as Subversion), then edit files on your local machine, and commit changes to the version control system. I’ve not used an IDE for Rails. I quite like Textmate and the console.

02 Jul 2008, 19:38
James West (104 posts)

Hi It may well be worth you having a look at Aptana stand alone community edition (The free one ;-)) with RadRails as a plug in for it.

Aptana are BETA testng a new service for the cloud. The cloud has no support for rails apps just yet but I have been reliably informed by the RadRails development team that this will be available “Very soon”.

If you know not a lot about the cloud then go have a look at the aptana cloud forum.

It offers remote team development options and would suit your requirements to a tee.

Deployemnt will also be at the press of a button and massively revolutionising Rails deployment processes.

I have been involved in the BETA test program and am in total Awe of their response to problems and resolution times often being within 24 hours so have no worries about this being a BETA site.

The BETA test is now open to anyone to join in as well (I think) It was by invite only.

Regardless of the Aptana cloud, the actual IDE with the RadRails plug in is extremely good if a little slow sometimes mainly because it’s a multiplatform JAVA app.

It’s free and it’s well worth a seriously ling hard look at me thinks

13 Jul 2008, 01:34
Anthony DeFreitas (1 post)

Hey Robert, I’m a novice as well but I just spent a week shadowing a pro. Git and are the way to go. You both keep repositories of the code on your machines and you push and pull changes to and from to do updates. Textmate and the console is my preference.

13 Jul 2008, 10:54
James West (104 posts)

Anthony, Have you and your pro checked out the Aptana cloud?

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