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14 Jul 2008, 21:05
Alan Slater (4 posts)

Sell it to me! (A rails novice with the 2nd edition already, thinking of getting the 3rd ed beta in .pdf to get working with right away)

Here’s two particular questions, but any info and general enthusiasm is welcome:-

1) Is the main example still Depot? If so, are there any changes to it other than the neccessary changes for Rails 2? And any plans for additions?

2) Is this issue addressed at all: One problem I and a lot of understandably forum-shy people had with the 2nd edition was, some parts don’t quite contain all the information you need if you don’t have a solid background in programming.

About half of the book is perfect and paced exactly right, even for people like me for whom Rails is our first attempt at anything like real programming. But, about half has gaps that are presumbly obvious and second nature to programmers, and not too hard for the rest of us to grasp even with a half-sentence explanation in context, but almost impossible if those half sentences aren’t there.

It’s hard for me to give examples, but I think most of the places I tripped up were with those aspects of Ruby that ARE like java, php etc (rather than aspects of ruby that aren’t, which are all explained perfectly). Is this addressed at all in the 3rd edition? Are there any (non-lazy) non-programmers involved in giving feedback?

15 Jul 2008, 08:09
James West (104 posts)

Alan, I am new to RoR and I have not seen the other versions of this book so am unable to comment on most of what you ask. I will however say that this version so far has updated the code for the Depot app to make it work in 2.1 There are still a lot of chapters that have not been updated yet but it has been some time since there was a new release of the book so there should be quite a few changes in the next release.

Are you not entitiled to a free upgrade to this book having bought the previous version?

Anyway it was the best £15 I ever spent, sometimes it’s worth just spending the money and this was one of those times for me.

I have been able to follow the book with ease, my only problem is that my learning curves are a little flatter than they used to be lol!

I doubt this really answers your main questions which I guess will really only be answered by reading it apart from to say that as an experienced programmer this was a gd send to me to help me get my head round Rails 2.1 and I am eagerly awaiting the next release of the pdf

Jame West

17 Jul 2008, 17:44
Sam Ruby (634 posts)

If you get stuck, comment here.

If something confuses you but you eventually figure it out, mark it in the errata. Even “user errors” which are recorded in the errata are treated very seriously.

In prior editions, common errors and the solutions are listed in many chapters. This edition will retain such and even expand it based on errata.

That’s why errata is so important – I, for one, can’t always see what is obvious to me that might not be obvious to everybody else.

07 Aug 2008, 05:41
Mikhail V. Shokhirev (a.k.a. Mike Shock) (19 posts)

Alan, IMHO this book is for people who have a certain level of experience in programming, but are new to the “Rails Way”. If you have some difficulties, you probably need to read a more introductory book in parallel? There are some pretty ones, e.g. “Simply Rails 2.0” by Patrick Lenz. - Collingwood: SitePoint, 2008. I’m a programmer for more than 25 years and I’m still learning… :-)

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