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10 Aug 2008, 15:40
Soh Dubom (2 posts)

Hi. Any Rails app has its culture set to EN-us, right? So :precision => 8, :scale => 2 means numbers like -999,999.99 to 999,999.99 which is very clear. But suppose you have to develop an app in another culture, eg PT-br (portuguese-brazilian) then your numbers will have dots replaced by commas and versa-vice, like: -999.999,99 to 999.999,99

The doubts I have is:

  1. Setting Rails to understand another culture, like pt-br
  2. Should I configure Sqlite3 also to understand another culture? if so, how?


10 Aug 2008, 22:03
Sam Ruby (634 posts)

The “number_to_concurrency”: helper has a number of options, including :delimiter and :separator.

Currently in rails edge, and intended for Rails 2.2, is “increased I18n support”: .

These changes are being discussed on the “rails-i18n”: Google Group.

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