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11 Aug 2008, 15:27
Badri Narayan Bhaskar (2 posts)

Your hard working gerbils regenerated an old version (B1.3 June edition) instead of the newly released B1.4 - I tried this a couple of times. Is this a bug or do you usually have to wait a couple of days before they generate the correct PDF?

11 Aug 2008, 15:34
Samu Voutilainen (1 post)

Doesn’t work for me either…

This is just waste of everyone’s resources, please, don’t make me to haze your gerbils more… :)

11 Aug 2008, 15:35
Bian Ying (1 post)

I got the same problem here. I tried 3 times.

11 Aug 2008, 16:03
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

We had a caching problem: regenerate and all will be well.

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