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12 Aug 2008, 13:41
KenA (16 posts)

Hi. I received an email telling me I have a pending ddl for the updated version. Ok, so I logged in at and re-generated the pdf. After a while I received another email with the link to ddl the new file. 2 questions:

  1. I clicked and also tried save as, but the ddl never begins. Ok that maybe a temp issue at the server, so let´s wait a bit.

  2. Pdf file name: the first pdf file name I ddl after I order the book is named: rails3-p-00.pdf . And this new re-generated pdf has the same file name. How will I know if I´m ddling the right one?

12 Aug 2008, 13:56
Lukas (7 posts)

I have a similar problem in that my mail provider filters most mails from (despite me having specifically allowed them). If the file name of the PDF would reflect on its version in some way I would be able to get by without e-mail notifications.

12 Aug 2008, 15:23
Dave Thomas (366 posts)


Subscript to your personal RSS feed, and you’ll get notifications that way.


The version number is on the copyright page. Yes, it would be nice to make it part of the file name, but that’s a feature quite a way down the queue for now.

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