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14 Aug 2008, 20:56
John Ibarzabal (13 posts)

I have purchased the PDF version of some books, including ADWR, and at the time I did not want to purchase a paper version.

Now going back to the page, there isnt a way to purchase the paper books, it is only possible to re-purchase the PDF+paper, or PDF only.

Think you guys could add an option for people that pre-ordered only the PDF versions to pay the difference and pre-order the paper books too?

That would be really neat, and I would be very happy.

Thank you, and by the way, great job on the books, they are very nicely written, fun and rich.

15 Aug 2008, 13:44
Dave Thomas (366 posts)


Credit card rules prhibit us from taking orders for things that we can’t ship within a month. (Actually, we can take payment, but all sorts of onerous rules kick in). We can sell you a combo pack or a PDF-only, as there we do ship you something.

However, once the book is out, contact support@ to get instructions on adding the paper book to your order.

15 Aug 2008, 14:27
Dan Pendergrass (11 posts)

Seems like you could credit the pdf and add in the combo pack.

15 Aug 2008, 16:44
Dave Thomas (366 posts)


We just wait until the book comes out, have people buy the book, then credit the difference. Once less step… :)


15 Aug 2008, 18:11
John Ibarzabal (13 posts)

Ah I understand.

I wonder, would it be possible then, in the time the books are released, for us who bougth the PDFs to have some kind of discount when buying the paper book?

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