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21 Aug 2008, 13:27
SoftMind (6 posts)


I am using Rails 2.0.2 on my machine and i am not planning to switchover to Rails 2.1 so soon.

I am currently reading this Beta Book, and i would like to know, How effective this book will be with Rails 2.0.2

I wonder , what approach others have taken here.. and what would be the nice way to take maximum advantage of this book.

Is Rails 2.2 round the corner..?


21 Aug 2008, 13:36
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

The biggest change with Rails 2.1 that impacts this beta of the book is that the way migrations are named, processed, and stored in the database changed. There is a somewhat more minor change in that some of the contents of the generated templates changed slightly, but not in any functional way. Future betas will cover some of the new features of “Rails 2.1”:, but you simply won’t be able to take advantage of these features just yet.

Overall, I don’t think you will have any major problems (I developed betas 1.0 through 1.3 using Rails 2.0.2), but if you get stuck feel free to ask questions here.

From what I am hearing, Rails 2.2 will beta in early September. I don’t believe that a final release date has been set.

23 Aug 2008, 04:10
Mikhail V. Shokhirev (a.k.a. Mike Shock) (19 posts)

One of the most attracting features in the coming 2.2 version is the standardized internationalization support, which ia VERY imporant in our multi-nations wortld. Hope, it’ll be described in Chapter 15.

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